By Victor Owino Ongoro

If you were biting with appetite to watch Mohammed Ali and John Allan Namu bring to your screens the scandalous events which propelled President Uhuru Kenyatta to power, more shock awaits you: the show has been cancelled!

Victor Owino Ongoro is receiving disturbing information that President Uhuru called the Standard Media Group’s top CEOs and warned of ‘unspecified consequences’ should the media house go ahead to air the story. The sad meeting today morning comes after the Standard run a story pouring cold water on Uhuru’s hyped war on wage bill.
Jicho Pevuand theInside Storyof Mohammed Ali and John Allan Namu, already in hiding, had indicated that Kenyans will for the first time get a glimpse of the worst electoral manipulation ever in the history of political pluralism in Kenya.
The Uhuru government, an opaque, corrupt and wasteful and tribal formation on earth, is staring at the worst deficits occasioned by wanton plunder of public resources as well as poor donor relations which has made most traditional development partners of Kenya to relate at arms length with the Jubilee government.
Restive and ashamed, the media, which initially wrote this government to power, has been struggling to find ‘good stories’ to write of a government of magic spell, where meritocracy is already thrown to the dogs. Now the government, as predicted by father of modern democracy and freedom Raila Odinga, is slowly becoming dictatorial.
The summoning of the Standard top dogs has sent shivers among the spins of lower level journalists, many who are shying away from ‘keeping the government in check’ and currently writing entertainment stories, or discussing fashion, or just idling by.
With CORD leader Raila Odinga away in USA for further studies and lectures, top political scribes are said to be opting for a month long holiday in the Bahamas, waiting for the harmless Tinga to return because they know whatever shit they scribble on the CORD leader, however false, will not land them in trouble.
President Uhuru is a different kettle. Here is a man who can’t run a government, but who must stay put to protect his ass from Bensouda. As life becomes harder, the first group to enjoy the bitter pills will be the journalists. With a punitive law already enacted, the stage is set for one of the worst nightmares in modern Kenya.
By the way, at some point, expect gunshots and ‘disappearances’ of a few scribes. That’s the nature of this trade. And times are getting tough, so you must be informed