By Jackton  Ambuka

Swahili adage opines: When two lions fight, the grass suffers. Lions in this case are politicians and grass is citizens. Against the backdrop of that saying, you will agree with me that the unprecedented rise in political temperature in Kenya between Raila's CORD and Uhuru's Jubilee is deeply concerning. Being a lover of my land of Kenya, I have the obligation to blow a warning trumpet. If the political temperatures remain unchecked, it will cause the following:-
1. Incidences of insecurity will go up because security apparatus will go on defense to check Raila's influence hence creating fissures for the enemies of our country to strike.
2. There will be political instability which will render dysfunctional government services towards citizen.
3. Confidence of a few remaining investors will be irreparably damaged.
4. Cases of unemployment will skyrocket.
5. Inflation will bite hard and poverty will rise.
6. Tribal animosity and/or clashes between Kenyan communities will ensue.
7. Historical hatred and spat between Luo and Kikuyu tribes will be entrenched deep.
8. Members of some Kenyan tribes particularly Luo and Kikuyu will be limited within their familiar territories in terms of business transaction and cross-cultural interaction .
9. Civil war could be the end result.
10. ICC and international community will once again intervene!

*Be careful and watch over our motherland of Kenya. Do you think I'm kidding?