A wave of crime is currently sweeping across the town of kericho ,which is the capital of Kericho County.These guys are too smart for the night guards and the way they carry out their activities ,it is as if some one trained them in the job ,just the same way we train the police!!

On the first night somebody cut a shops padlock using a hacksaw and looted away valubles woeth thousands.he following night another robbed broke in to the Tasha enterprises shop ,Kericho branch at the kenya co-operative creameries .On the third night someone robbed the raha wholesalers of an unknown amount of cash at five o'clock in evening,all these shops ,just about a hundred metres apart !! And the environment here,well lit,tight security and each and every door or gate has a night guard and it is in the middle of a town .How the hell do these guys manage to break into such places unnoticed??

The night guards carry sins that they are not involve din save for the Tasha enterprises guard who is said to have gone back home to sleep with his wife immidiately after hi supervisor had checked on him to confirm that he was on duty.He came back early at six,only to meet detectives carrying out forensic checks in the shop and ended up on the cuffs !!

Those are just the robberies that we were able to tap the information from second party witnesses,there could be many more!!

The more civilization grows ,so does everything about man and it's hard to believe it !!!!