By Jackton Ambuka

We Demand Unconditional Release Of Okiya Omtatah Okoiti!

When claims of corruption sprung in the Railway construction tender, president Uhuru asked anyone who has evidence to come forward. Several people including Nandi Hills MP Mr. Alfred Keter stepped up to the plate. Now a renowned human rights and ardent advocate for good leadership and governance Mr. Okiya Omutatah has also stepped up but in style. He gathered more than 1000 page official documents which provides evidence of corruption in standard gauge railway tender. The documents seems to have been leaked by government officials. Omutatah has since presented the documents before the court. In fact, the documents were admitted because they're authentic.

Sadly, instead of supporting Okiya Omtatah, the Jubilee government is using attorney general Githu Muigai and intelligence community to frustrate him. They have arrested him for being in possession of confidential documents. Firstly, we, the Kenyan people ought to have a right of access to ALL government documents except those that might compromise security. If information act still bars Kenyans from accessing public information, then it requires urgent amendment. Somehow I thought we corrected the act of unnecessary secrecy by the government. Yet, the question in this case shouldn't be how Okiya accessed the so called confidential documents. The question should be whether those documents are authentic.

Jubilee government should desist from being double tongued. On one hand they claim to fight corruption but on the other hand they're frustrating or pacifying efforts to fight corruption. The government and particularly president Kenyatta must walk the talk. Corruption has already killed our past and it's still busy killing our future. It has compromised our homeland security and rendered dysfunctional our ability as a nation to be creative and imaginative so as we can solve the most fundamental societal issues that drags us behind. That's why we are demanding Jubile government should order immediate release of Okiya Omtatah Okoiti without conditions. What are your thoughts?