By Jackton Ambuka

Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o seems to have won big even before the start of the Academy Awards ceremony at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. Following her breakout role in the film 12 Years a Slave released late last year, the actress has picked up various awards, turned into a fashion icon on the red carpet, and become a darling of the media. More importantly, her career on the big screen seems to have been launched in earnest.

For an actress whose skills were nurtured in Kenya and polished in America, Lupita’s is an inspirational story. It is a powerful statement that, with determination and the right support, Kenyan artistes can conquer the world. With the spotlight firmly on Lupita, we hope the Tourism ministry will take advantage of her growing brand to market the country.

In recent years, Kenya has mostly made international headlines for electoral violence, cases at the International Criminal Court and al-Shabaab terror attacks. These do not tell the whole Kenyan story. Artistes like Lupita, alongside world record-setting athletes, can serve as ambassadors to tell a different Kenyan story. In the meantime, we wish Lupita well in her contest to win the Best Supporting Actress award in Los Angeles on Sunday night (Monday morning Kenyan time). Source: Daily Nation Editorial page.