I might not be able to know whatever is going on in the capital city, Nairobi, but judging from what does reach where I am via the press and other medium of spreading news, I can, sincerely speaking, tell that the president is in a very tight situation.

There is more problem on his hands than there is good. I can’t remember them all but the latest is the Westgate mall attack. Why or how would Kenya get involved in the politics of the country of Somalia? Do we even fund the various political parties that decide the flow of power in that country? Do we even make a bad comment about their political activities?

The guys weren’t even hungry, they had their own reasons for the attack and the president must provide a solid solution to the millions of questions in the minds of the people of this country. We aren’t even done with the Westgate problem and there is an assassination in Mombasa, a religious leader is gunned down!! For what big reason would anyone want to kill a priest or imam? The president must also provide a solid solution to the millions of questions that are going through us!!!

If the president doesn’t tighten the belt around his waist and tell us ,sincerely, where  our politics is heading ,slowly by slowly ,the youths and other learned people of this country are starting to have an opposite view of him and his entire philosophies and ideas .

People are beginning to see as if he is unable to provide as it was expected of him previously!!

There is one thing that we like him for though!!The idea computerizing the entire country by making every Kenyan to be computer literate  in the next ten years by introducing the use of computers in our primary schools by providing the laptops to all lower primary school goers. You are doing great sir! But don’t hurt us with the taxes to finance these projects.

Just keep it up and spread it to the other spheres of life, not only in school. We need a cheap life, high standard services from our government and their staff.

Work hard Mr. President!! Don’t slacken!!