By Caleb Simba Bravo

ODM nominated MP John Mwaura with the Jubilee funded security officers were responsible of the chaos which was planned a week before Jackal news highlighted the story that Raila Odinga to hire goons from Nairobi slams to block Ababu Namwamba from winning the SG post.

Hon Mwaura's claims that his name was not in the list of candidates vying the Dep Sec Gen post was a plain lie and an excuse to discharge the orders from his masters ie the Jubilee administration, who paid him, gave him security to cause chaos and halt the election exercise.

The said list which Hon Mwaura displayed to the media and public was a list of 2 different groups led by Hon Namwamba to one side and Dr Zani to the the other side.The 2 teams had preferred candidates for the major positions in the party elections.
The list was never created by the party's elections board(NEB).
Our delegates as everyone witnessed in the media displayed a lot of maturity and order as the democratic exercise was halted by the Jubilee's sent forces.

ODM will emerge from yesterday's hiccup more stronger and united.
I love ODM
Ababu is our next SG.