By Baraza La Jamii La Kenya

Whoever says that a LUO will never be a President in Kenya is out for a rude shock. Kenya is a young Nation of just 50yrs therefore we still have a long way to go. We saw tribes like the Igbo of Nigeria come and go, The LUOS of Uganda who even produced 3 Ugandan President, Bazilio Olara Okello, Tito Okello and Milton Obote, The Irish in the USA of which the Kennedy clan was a part of, The Boers of S.Africa to name but a few. Luos do not want to rule just to loot the country but to bring equality and sanity to the Nation, just as a LUO who rules the world Barack Obama has done to the USA. Kenya and it's politics without the LUO remains an irrelevant country. The time for the LUO in Kenya will come for sure. But the rule of the LUO will be for the benefit of all Kenyans, not for a few because that is what makes LUOS great, they fight for the rights of everyone whether a LUO or not...they fight for a just society for all.