By Jacktone Ambuka

Do Black People Hate Their Black Skin?

About three hours ago, someone posted photos of four hands with four different skin colors on a Facebook page called Kenya. Hand number one was black. Hand number two was brown. Hand number three was light. Hand number four was white. People, presumably Kenyans, were asked to comment by picking the color of the hand they like most. A half of 225 people that commented picked light skin. The rest picked white, black and brown respectively. The post so far has 42 likes. I surveyed all people who picked light skin. They ALL have black skin at least based on their profile photos. The number of women who prefer light or white skin exceeded by more than a half the number of men who have same preference. Which begs the question: Why would a black person feel insecure in a black skin? I will write a detailed analysis soon. But I would like to hear your thoughts?